Erasmus+: Kľúčová akcia 2:

Strategické partnerstvá v školskom vzdelávaní


About the project

Project number: 2017-1-SK01-KA201-035344

Erasmus+ Programme, KA2, Strategic Partnerships in School Education

About the project

21st century Europe is facing a challenge to increase its scientific and technological knowhow in order to be competitive on a global scale. An essential component of a healthy scientific venture is a scientifically literate and well-educated population. In the past decade, the growing consensus about the need for rejuvenation of science education in our schools led professional scientists to join forces with educators in taking a careful look at how science is taught and how teachers are trained to teach science. The widespread interest in astronomy can be tapped not only to increase knowledge and understanding on the part of students, but also to illuminate the nature of science, as well as its power and limitations in shaping our future. Moreover, the interdisciplinary nature of astronomy and its natural links with technology position the field as excellent horizontal skills booster – it is the best subject to develop critical thinking, analytical and abstract reasoning competences among youngsters.

According to the latest Eurydice Report about the teaching profession in Europe from 2015, 44, 8% school teachers are especially concerned with needs under the heading of “teaching cross-curricular skills”. Also various researches have shown the fact that in most education systems in Central and Eastern Europe, teachers struggle to highlight the interrelation of subjects, due to lack of resources and sometimes even information on certain topics. This is extremely valid information with regard to the instruction of astronomy-related topics. In order to acquire relevant knowledge, it is very important for students to learn in a conceptual framework, conduct observations, work collaboratively and take maximum advantage of today´s advanced technological development.

Since the 1st of November 2017, the publishing house of primary and secondary schools´ textbooks EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA ltd., have started to implement the transnational project STARS (Successfully Teaching AstRonomy in Schools) whose aim is to support the teachers teaching astronomy at lower secondary education. Project STARS has been funded with the support of the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport – Erasmus+.

Target group

The target groups of the STARS project are mainly teachers teaching at lower secondary education, but also pupils in lower secondary education (age 10-14) and high-level decision makers responsible for introducing reforms and creating education programs at the national level. The STARS project foresees involving directly in project activities, more than 2 000 individuals active in the field of school education.

Project STARS is innovative, as it aims to combine different methods to strengthen the profile of the teaching profession and transform learning into an exciting venture. The project will equip teachers with comprehensive methods to improve their teaching practices, as well as concrete ideas of how to present a given topic in astronomy-related curriculum.


Project aims:

  • to equip teachers with innovative methodologies, knowledge, competencies and tools to deliver astronomy-related curriculum in a relevant and meaningful manner
  • to foster the acquisition of critical thinking, analytical and abstract reasoning skills, thus contributing to increasing the attainment levels among students, as well as the acquisition of relevant knowledge
  • to develop a concept for new educational program in astronomy which is reflecting current trends and students´ attitude towards the modern learning process>
  • to equip target groups with open education resources on astronomy that are of high-quality, free to use and available in their national languages


Project outputs:

  • STARS Methodological Handbook for Teachers
  • STARS Training Program for Teachers
  • STARS Online Platform for Teachers, Students and Parent
  • STARS Concept for Astronomy Education Program

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