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EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA Ltd. is a Slovak professional publishing house active in the field of education and training. Expol was founded in February 1997 as a textbooks publishing house and for 20 years it has been one of the largest textbook publishers in the Slovakia. In its portfolio, the company has more than 200 titles, textbooks and workbooks with the approval clause of the Ministry of Education designed for primary schools (36 titles), schools for children with special needs (83 titles), secondary vocational schools (75 titles) and high schools (8 titles).

Through state investment to public schools, Expol currently has 11% share of the Slovak primary schools´ market, 94% - children with special needs´ market, 58% – high schools´ market and 28% of the VET schools´ market. We are also developing supporting educational materials, such as methodology for teachers. Since 2017, we have been organising training seminars for teachers with a focus on working with innovative educational materials.

We are implementing annual contracts with the Ministry of Education and dispatches an average of 172 000 textbooks a year to public schools in the country. Currently we employ 5 full-time staff members. All our employees have many years of experience in preparing teaching and learning materials. We also have a large pool of renowned external collaborators, experts in the field of education and training, who have been involved in the development of our products.

Heydukova 12-14
Bratislava 811 08
Slovenská republika


Grammar school, Metodova 2, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Grammar school Metodova is a secondary education school offering three levels of study: 4-year, 8-year and 5-year study programmes according to the Slovak-French bilingual studies system. Our school has 38 classes and more than 100 pedagogical staff. The focus of our 8-year study programme is foreign languages. Our students can choose among different European languages such as English, French, German, and Spanish and study them as first and second language with the same hour duration.

Our 5-year study programme is bilingual and is focused on science subjects in Slovak and French language. This programme prepares students for an intergovernmental agreement between the Slovak Republic and the French Republic. The programme allows us to teach science courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) in French from the 2nd to the 5th year. English is also taught as second language.

Students who graduate this programme receive bilingual certificate of graduation along with an attestation of language proficiency, issued by the French Republic. This certificate allows direct admission to most universities in France without further examination for all successful graduates. Each student has access to Internet, the school has two gyms and sport complex, modern specialised classrooms informatics, physics, chemistry, multimedia classrooms, language classroom and biology lab.

Metodova 2
Slovenská republika


Bulgarian Astronomical Society – BAS (Bulgaria)

The Bulgarian Astronomical Society (BAS) was founded in 2000. It is a voluntary based, non-governmental organisation, administered by a president and a board, which involves established scientists from all astronomical institutions in Bulgaria, directors of public observatories and planetariums (the main goal of which is outreach and working with secondary school students) and representatives of the amateur astronomers.

At national level, BAS is responsible for the relations with European astronomical bodies such as ASTRONET and the European Astronomical Society (EAS). The main goals are to create a comprehensive long-term strategy for the development of Bulgarian astronomy, promotion and public outreach of astronomy, to facilitate the research and educational activities on national level, organising an Annual Astronomical conference and to participate in the creation of national strategies and policies for astronomy and astrophysics research and education. In order to achieve our objectives and goals, we support research and educational work of our members, organise various seminars, workshops and conferences, promote the achievements of astronomy and science, participate in the formation of national policy and strategy in astronomy and cooperate with international astronomical organisations. In addition we cooperate with all academic institutions that offer higher education and/or carry out scientific work in astronomy such as the university Institute of Astronomy and Shumen University.

Active members of BAS are professional and amateur astronomers, graduate and post-graduate students, and teachers. Currently we have more than 90 active members. In addition, we operate and cooperate with 7 national observatories in different Bulgarian cities. BAS participated in the FP7 project Researcher´s Night 2009 – Star Night and was one of the coordinators of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 activities on national level.

Borisova gradina
Astronomicheska observatoria 1054


High School of Mathematics "Academician Kiril Popov”, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

High School of Mathematics "Academician Kiril Popov ", Plovdiv was founded in 1971 and established itself as one of the most prestigious and attractive schools in the country. The high school is well known for its innovations in education and its achievements and has more than 65 student medallists from prestigious international forums.

Over the years, the high school has become a centre for modern IT training. For the first time in the country, students have graduated in the subject "ASM Programmer". BAS has accepted the school as a partner in different scientific fields. An acknowledgment of the success of the high school is also the host of the 13th Balkan Olympiad in Mathematics held in 1995, as well as the International Youth Mathematics Olympiad (1999).
The admission in the school is after 4th grade - 2 classes and after 7th grade - 8 classes, 5 of which have a mathematics profile and intensive study of foreign language (English or German) and 3 professional classes – 2 with "System programming" and 1 with "Computer graphics“, again learning in English. We offer our students various extracurricular activities that help them to develop and improve their knowledge.

With its highly qualified and motivated teachers and its modern facilities, for more than 45 years the High School of Mathematics "Academician Kiril Popov”, has been creating wonderful conditions for the educational training of its students. Over 9000 young people have successfully completed their education here. Every year over 95% of the graduates continue their higher education at universities in Bulgaria and abroad.

11 Chemshir Street
4001 Plovdiv


Primary school at Říčany wood (Czech Republic)

Primary school at Říčany wood (Říčany school) is a primary and secondary education school founded in 1995 in the Říčany region. The main priority is to develop responsible and motivated citizens of our society, based on providing quality education with an emphasis on good knowledge of at least two foreign languages, good digital skills, communication and presentation skills and compliance with the socio-ethical code. Our programme is organised according to the State Framework Educational Programme for Primary Education (i.e. primary and lower secondary education).

Our main focus in teaching is science, in line with healthy lifestyle, sustainable development and environmental education with special emphasis on physical education and sports activities, care of animals, planting and craft work, creating relationship to the place where students come from and where they live. The school also provide an intensive English training for our students. We intend that our graduates are well prepared to continue their studies to other levels of education and to adapt to the multicultural environment in Europe and further develop autonomously.

The school is designed for a maximum capacity of 540 pupils. However, currently we have 570 students aged 6-15 years old. In the 1st and 2nd grade, classes are usually taught in two parallel classes with an average of 24 students in class. We have 35 people as a pedagogical staff. Most of our students come from nearby towns. We also have students from other nationalities to whom we provide extra language assistance in order to create the appropriate conditions for successful learning process.

Školní 2400/4
251 01, Říčany
Česká republika


The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic)

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the only public institute of higher education located in the Pilsen region. The university has nine faculties with more than 60 departments and two university institutes of upper education. Today nearly 16,000 students can choose from a wide range of bachelor, masters or doctoral degree study programmes. UWB also provides wide range of lifelong learning programmes including a Third-Age University.

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen has an important position among universities in the Czech Republic as well as within the European university education space. The university strengthened its tradition of European higher education at the end of 2012 when it gained the ECTS Label (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) which certifies that the study environment at this university fully meets European standards. The Faculty of Education as a part of the university develops a wide range of programmes offering the life-long learning and those are mainly focused on further education for teachers.

Klatovská tř. 51
306 14 Plzeň
Česká republika


M7 (Slovakia)

The company M7 was established originally as Media7 Ltd. in March 2003 by Julius Kristofik. At the beginning, it was a small company of computer devotees who were bringing innovative solutions in fast changing internet area. The main aim of the company was to produce multimedia, web pages and providing hosting services. In 2004, the company has changed its name to M7 Ltd.

It is focused on programming the webpages and information systems made-to-measure. It is actively cooperating with advertising agencies on creative part of their products. The company together with advertising agencies offers to the customer complex solutions from strategies through creativeness to the development, technical provision and support. Since the year 2005, the company has been cooperating with Mr. Ľuboslav Janovec, who has become the partner of the company in 2011. The important milestone in company´s life is the year 2015, when it won the selection procedure for providing Complex counselling system of preventing and influencing of social-pathological phenomena in school environment (primary schools in Slovakia).

The project is known as KomposyT in Slovakia and the company got special appreciation ITAPA 2015 for it. Since 2002, ITAPA is the most important and the biggest event in Slovakia in terms of informatisation of public administration (eGovernment).

Štúrova 11
81102 Bratislava
Slovenská republika


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